Just days after being dragged for saying she couldn't date a man who worked a 9-5 job, B. Simone is now being accused of plagiarizing her book Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want. The book is a journal that encourages women to create the lives they want through planning. The founder of Boss Girl Bloggers, Ell Duclos, called the Wild N' Out star out on Twitter, saying, “Would love for [B. Simone] to STOP taking small content creators’ hardwork and selling it as her own. Disgusting. This is not entrepreneurship. This is PLAGIARIZING.”

Then another person tweeted that there was more content in B. Simone's book that was indentical to a writing prompt in The Happiness Planner. And then, another person found a post on Pintrest that was published before B. Simone’s book.

B. Simone’s manager, Mary Seats addressed the issues on Instagram, saying that they did not have any intention of stealing others work, claiming that the design company that was hired to work on the book is to blame. She wrote, “We are in a lawsuit with the firm. We are trying to work this out.”

The book is no longer on sale on B. Simone's site.

B. Simone hasn't publicly addressed the claims yet.