B. Simone is being dragged after sharing a message on her Instagram asking fans to pay for close friends for access to her while grieving her friend Jacky Oh. B.Simone's post said, "If your not on my close friends your not going to see much of my life during this time.  Close friends i love you . . . thank you for being a safe space." 

Twitter user @inmyownwrldddd commented, “B. Simone is asking for ppl to pay for access to her close friends as she “grieves her friend” Jacky Oh. How you could ever bring yourself to use your friends passing as a means to get ppl to pay for your close friends is insanity. This is beyond low & disgusting,” @inmyownwrldddd wrote in the tweet caption.

They added, “What goes through your mind that you would advertise your close friends so that ppl can pay to see you “grieve”. The family hasn’t even buried her yet and you’re already trynna profit from her death. Just disgusting man.”

Other social media users were quick to say that B.Simone always promotes her Close Friends page and she's not just doing it because her friend passed away.