B. Simone is being dragged once again after old comments from a podcast resurfaced this past weekend. On a podcast that was taped in 2017 WHOREable Decisons, B. Simone was discussing the transgender community. She said, “You can’t do that s**t in Atlanta, you might get swiped up by a tr***y. Which I have nothing against the LGBT lettuce bacon tomato community but I love all y’all one of my best friends is a tr***y but she’s honest and open. In Atlanta its the DL stuff that’s a problem. Yeah its not a problem at all I have friends that are transgender I have friends that are gay one of my best friends is gay.”

Later. B Simone talked about Caitlyn Jenner, saying, “He still has a penis right? He’s transgender. See listen transsexual, transgender means I am now a man calling myself a woman transsexual means you got the sex change. Transgender is like you’re a different gender.”