Emmy-winner Nancy Cartwright has voiced the devious Simpsons’ character, Bart Simpson, for over 35 years. But when Cartwright answered a fan’s question on TikTok about if Sabrina Carpenter was her niece, the actress blew everyone’s mind with her response. “Is Sabrina Carpenter your niece?” Cartwright said in the short clip, before sharing a photo of her with the chart-topping singer. “Yeah, absolutely,” Cartwright confirmed. “She’s pretty amazing.”

In other news from the animated world of The Simpsons, Cypress Hill announced that they are fulfilling a nearly three-decades old Simpsons prediction by finally performing with the London Symphony Orchestra. During the shows’ beloved 1996 episode, “Homerpalooza,” Cypress Hill accidentally booked the London Symphony Orchestra to perform with them at the festival, “possibly while high.” On Wednesday night, Cypress Hill actually did perform with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Yet another prediction of the future that The Simpsons got right. (Billboard)