Basketball Wives: LA star Jennifer Williams took to Instagram this past weekend to reveal that her Range Rover was stolen by a well known conman in Atlanta. She wrote, “I’m asking for some help finding my Range Rover that this man, Aaron Nichols, stole from me. He goes by many alias including Nick, Daniel or Chris. He has conned many women and men too out of vehicles and large amounts of cash.”

Jennifer continued, “Lives in the Atlanta area and frequents Detroit, Houston and Vegas. If you have seen him or are a victim of his antics please DM me, email my attorney, Jamie Hernan, at [email protected] or contact the Smyrna Police Dept in GA as there is an active investigation going on. Thank you in advance.”

She later told The Jasmine Brand that the entire ordeal has been “a complete nightmare.”

She said she met Aaron in Atlanta at the St. Regis Hotel and they became friends soon after. She said, “He was smart, down to earth and a nice guy.” Jennifer said that she was moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta and had an extra vehicle that she needed to have parked and put away. She explained that she has two cars — a Ferrari that she drives, and the Range Rover. She claimed that Aaron offered to take the Range Rover for her and park it. So, after she moved and settled in Atlanta, she called Aaron to retrieve her car and he never returned her car. Jennifer said that she hasn't had her car since November 2019.

She said, “After filing a police report, I found out that he was a completely different person with a shady record.” In addition to having an arrest warrant, she found out that he has “almost 7 kids. He’s done this to so many women and even his baby mamas – taking their cars, cash, whatever he can get his hands on!”.

Jennifer said that it's rumored in Atlanta that he steals cars, transports them to another city and then sells them. She explained, “I’ll probably never see my car again, but that’s okay. People need to know that he’s not the man he portrays himself to be.”