During a show in Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 1, Bebe Rexa had fans removed from her show for apparently throwing things at her while she was performing. The pop star instructed security to eject multiple people from the crowd after they threw things on stage. “If you want to hit me in the face, I had them press charges to the other guy. I would love to become richer,” Rexa warned the crowd.

The singer was referring to an ugly incident last year in New York City where she was hit in the face with a phone that was thrown from the crowd, causing a black eye and requiring her to get stitches. Rexa ultimately finished her show in Green Bay, telling the crowd, “It didn’t have to go that far,” as a fan was escorted out of the venue. She apologized to the rest of the audience for the disruption, as she had to restart one of her songs following the incident. (People)