Beyonce delivered an inspirational speech during YouTube Originals' Dear Class of 2020 live stream yesterday (June 7th). The music icon opened her speech thanking The Obamas for inviting her to participate. She said, “Thank you President Obama and Mrs. Obama for including in this very special day. Congratulations to the class of 2020. You have arrived. Here in the middle of a global crisis, a racial pandemic and worldwide expression outrage at the senseless killing of yet another unarmed black human being. And you still made it. We're so proud of you. Thank you for using your collective voice and letting the world know that Black Lives Matter. The killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others have left us all broken. It has left the entire country searching for answers. We’ve seen that our collective hearts, when put to positive action, could start the wheels of change. Real change has started with you, this new generation of high school and college graduates who we celebrate today.”

Beyonce later discussed being terrified to start her own company as a black woman in the male dominated music industry. She explained, “The entertainment business is still very sexist. It’s still very male-dominated and as a woman, I did not see enough female role models given the opportunity to what I knew I had to do — to run my label, and management company, to direct my films and produce my tours that meant ownership, owning my masters, owning my art, owning my future and writing my own story. Not enough Black women had a seat at the table. So I had to go and chop down that wood and build my own table. Then I had to invite the best there was to have a seat. That meant hiring women, men outsiders, underdogs, people that were overlook and waiting to be seen.”

She later talked about dedicating her art to showing the beauty of her people. She said, “One of the main purposes of my art for many years has been dedicated to showing the beauty of Black people to the world, our history, our profundity and the value of Black lives. I’ve tried my best to pull down the veil of appeasement to those who may feel uncomfortable with our excellence.”

Dear Class of 2020 also featured commencement speeches from Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, BTS, and more.

Lizzo, along with Leon Bridges, Camila Cabello, Noah Cyrus, Cynthia Erivo, Khalid, Tove Lo, Chris Martin, Ben Platt and Ty Dolla $ign teamed up for a special rendition of U2‘s “Beautiful Day,” introduced by Bono.

Katy Perry concluded the ceremony and led the graduates in the ceremonial tassel turn.


Beyonce speaks on people who feel different:

“To all those who feel different. If you’re part of a group that’s called ‘other,’ a group that does not get the chance to be center stage, build your own stage and make them see you. Your queerness is beautiful, your blackness is beautiful. Your compassion, your understanding, your fight for people who may be different from you, is beautiful. I hope you continue to go into the world and show them that you will never stop being yourself. That it’s your time now, make them see you.”

Beyonce on her secret to success:

“I'm often asked whats your secret to success. The shorter answer? Put in that work! Yes, I’ve been blessed to win 24 Grammy, but I’ve lost 46 times…Don’t feel entitled to win. . . . Surrender to the cards you’re dealt. . . . Losing can be the best motivator to get you even bigger wins so never compare yourself to anyone else.”

Beyonce congratulates 2020 graduates and mentions Black Lives Matter :

Beyonce on her secret to success: :

Beyonce says she has dedicated her art to showing the beauty of black people :

Beyonce speaks on being terrified to build her own company :

Beyonce speaks on people who feel different: :