Reports say that Beyonce is set to release new music and do virtual showsnext year. According to The Sun, one insider said,”Beyonce and her team are currently mapping out a plan to create a virtual live show to showcase her new music in 2021, now that she can’t tour because of COVID.”

The source continued, “Bey has been touring since the late ’90s and was planning a large world tour in 2021 before the pandemic took hold. Following the success she had with (2016 album) Lemonade, and Disney film Black Is King, she started writing and recording feel good tracks inspired by new artists like Dua Lipa and The Shindellas. She’s ready to dance again.”

The source added, “With a new feel good record on the way, she plans to celebrate it with a virtual show that fans can watch at home and she has made it clear she’s prepared to pull out all the stops to make it a real spectacle.”