In a recent interview, Beyonce's mom Tina Lawson opened up about how Bey and Solange were there for her when she divorced their dad Matthew Knowles after 33 years of marriage. She said, “When I went through my divorce I was devastated after 33 years of marriage. Not because I wanted to stay in the marriage but just because I was like ‘oh my God I failed at this and I am 59-years-old… They came over and looked at old movies with me, we ate ice cream all night. They let me feel sorry for myself for a short period of time and then they were like momma ‘you’re a bad girl! You’ve got so much going. You shouldn’t be feeling like life is over for you. God has something for you.”

She added, :It’s just funny how the roles change and they became my mom and I became the child. That’s the great thing about having women as daughters. I’m still their mother and I still want to be able to check them when I need to but they checked me so it’s a good thing.”