Bill Cosby has responded to OJ Simpson's comments about his parole being denied. As previously reported, Cosby was turmed down for parole after refusing to participate in a therapy program for sexually violent predators. Simpson suggested that Cosby should have taken any courses required to get him home sooner. 

Cosby's spokesman Andrew Wyatt said in a statement, "Mr. Simpson was caught trying to retrieve his stolen items, unlawfully, which is the difference.  Mr. Cosby has never admitted nor has ANY evidence been presented to prove that Mr. Cosby drugged and/or raped women.” 

Wyatt continued, “Why would Mr. Cosby accept parole, when we are waiting for the PA State Supreme Court to issue a ruling any day now on Mr. Cosby’s appeal, we are hoping they would vacate his conviction or warrant him a new trial. Mr. Simpson, being paroled is like being on a slave plantation, you are never free and you will always be the property of your oppressor. Enjoy your golf game.”