Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Ryan Henry has admitted to sleeping with his best friend Anthony Lindsay's baby mama Nina Marie while Lindsay battle cancer. In a video on Instagram, Henry said that he and Lindsay had worked things out before the story became public. He also revealed that he didn't address the story because he was in Las Vegas and didn't want to seem “narcissistic” or “arrogant” with his response.

He said, “People that I care about badly, I disrespected them. I disrespected myself, disrespected my family, all of our families… you ask yourself why did I and why do I hurt people that I care about…”

He also said that the reason he did it is because he “battled with internal mental health” and said he made the choice while he was “in a dark place” but that he wasn’t a victim. He added, “I’m apologizing publicly the same way I’ve apologized privately for the embarrassment that I’ve caused, the pain that I’ve caused everybody. My plan of action is to repair relationships.”


Nina Marie released her own video yesterday (October 18th) also admitting to sleeping with Ryan, but she also said that she did it because she had been hurt by Lindsay and that he was abusive to her.

Lindsay took to Instagram, and denied being abusive to Nina Marie and also denied Ryan's claims that they talked and worked things out.

Anthony Lindsay speaks on Ryan and Nina Marie :

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