Black Ink Crew's Sky took to social media yesterday (February 27th) to respond to the backlash she received for the harsh words she said to her son Dessaline during an argument — which aired on Wednesday night's (February 27th) episode of the show. During the argument, she said, “I wanna beat this little boy’s a**! … Your daddy don’t want you! I don’t want you! Nobody wants you!” She also said she should have swallowed him.

She took to social media yesterday (February 27th) to address the incident, saying, “Listen, I said what I said. God gon’ deal with me… Like, God thank You for everything You’ve done in my life and everything You gon’ do. You know, that was a hard day for me in November, you know? I’m pretty sure it was hard for him too. But it happened. Like what the f*** you want me to do?! God is working on me day by day son. And it is what it is. That’s not nice! They keep talking to me…giving me death threats. That’s not nice! Y’all supposed to be… If I’m so f***ed up in the head, send me a bible scripture or something! The f*ck!”

She continued, “In the balcony picture I posted yesterday, motherf***ers said ‘Jump! Die!’ Why the f*** is y’all talking like that to me? In real life. What am I supposed to do? Really jump? That’s not f***ing nice!”

BLACK INK CREW Dessalines gets into an argument with Sky :

Black Ink Crew’s Sky on her argument with her son :