KENTUCKY ATTORNEY GENERAL ASKS FOR PATIENCE IN BREONNA TAYOR INVESTIGATION: According to TMZ, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has asked for patience when it comes to the investigation of the murder of Breonna Taylor. Yesterday (June 19th), Cameron said that he continues to be "saddened and heartbroken" over Breonna's murder, but as of right now there's nothing new to report on her case. He then explained how and why he got involved in the case and laid out the overal plan, which he says is to follow the truth and be "thorough and fair" to everyone involved. He added that his team is working around the clock and it is an expedited process, but he is asking for patience and or the public to remain peaceful during the process, adding that "violence and lawlessness will do nothing more than perpetuate further tragedy." 27-year-old Taylor was shot and killed back on March 13th when 3 Louisville Metro Police officers who fired their weapons while raiding her home.  Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove — the three cops involved in the shooting, have  been placed on administrative reassignment. 

AKRON POLICE IDENTIFY SUSPECTS IN THE MURDER OF NA'KIA CRAWFORD: Akron police have identified suspects in connection with the murder of 18-year-old Na'Kia Crawford. Although unconfirmed reports said that a white man fatally shot Crawford, according to WKYC, the three suspects are black. The black Camaro used in the shooting has been recovered by authorities and is being checked for evidence. The suspects are 17-year-old Adarus Black and he is facing a charge of murder, 18-year-old Jaion Bivins and he is facing charges of obstruction and tampering with evidence.  The third suspect has been identified as 24-year-old Janisha George, and she faces a charge of obstruction of justice. All three suspects were expected to turn themselves in but it hadn't happened at press time.  Akron Police Chief Deputy Jesse Lesser said that Crawford's murder appears to be a mistaken identity case and she "was in the wrong place at the wrong time." 

MALE 'KAREN' GOES OFF BECAUSE OF 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' SIGN AT BROOKLYN COFFEE SHOP: A white man threw a tantrum at a Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn coffee shop because the establishment had a "Black Lives Matter" sign out front. In a video that was posted onto Reddit, the man was filmed holding his phone, arguing with the Burly Cofee barista. He said, "This is the most racist thing out there. I'm not a racist…This is offensive and I want you to take off this sign." The man later chanted "All Lives Matter." He told Gothamist, "I was making a protest—all lives matter. They don't have to take [the sign] down, I just wanted to defend all lives matter." The man was later identified as Abraham "Avrumy" Knofler and his Twitter was @yankeeschannel, but he has since deleted his account. In a statement, Burly Coffee reiterated that their business supports Black Lives Matter and applauded their barista for "standing up to the blinding hate."

BROTHER OF ROBERT FULLER KILLED DURING POLICE SHOOTOUT: Terron Jammal Boone — the brother of Robert Fuller, the man who was found hanging from a tree in Southern California last week, was fatally shot in a police shootout. According to CBSN Los Angeles, Boone was fatally shot by deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in Kern County, California after being identified as a suspect wanted for kidnapping, spousal assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

WAS BEETHOVEN BLACK?: Beethoven was trending on Twitter yesterday (June 18th) and it is because people are just finding out that he may have been black. It has been speculated for ages that the composer was black due to his dark complexion. One person tweeted, "I was today years old when I found out that Beethoven was black. According to Complex, some say that Beethoven's music reveals some understanding of rhythmic patterns commong to African music, and his alleged Spanish Moor ancestry points to African blood. However, historians have disregarded these claims as rumors, since there is no record of anyone referring to Beethoven as "Moorish" or African.