ELIJAH MCLAIN'S FAMILY FILES FEDERAL LAWSUIT AGAINST COLORADO POLICE: According to TMZ, the family of Elijah McClain has sued the city of Aurora, Colorado and 13 police officers for wrongful death.  McClain's parents file the suit yesterday (August 11th), claiming that the city, the cops, a paramedic and a doctor should be held responsible for the August 2019 death of their son based on their “needless use of excessive force and torture.” In the legal docs, the McClain's claim that Elijah was listening to music while walking home from the corner store when "Aurora police officers grabbed, tackled, and assaulted him.” They added that the officers “continued to brutalize Elijah for nearly eighteen minutes—approximately fifteen minutes of which he was handcuffed.” They also claimed that once the paramedics arrived, the EMT “involuntarily injected him with a massive dose of ketamine” even though he was not experiencing any medical condition that would have required ketamine. Minutes after they injected Elijah with the sedative, he stopped breathing. He had no pulse and never regained consciousness. He died a few days later.  (TMZ)

MICHIGAN TEEN SENT TO JUVENILE DETENTION FOR NOT DOING HOMEWORK IS RELEASED FROM PROBATION: A Michigan teenager who was sent to juvenile detention for failing to do court ordered homework has been released from probation. According to The AP, an appeals court ruled last month that the 15-year-old girl, known as "Grace,"  was allowed to return home. She will continue to receive mental health treatment at home. (NY Daily News)