ATLANTA MEMORIAL SERVICE HELD FOR RAYSHARD BROOKS: According to TMZ, Rayshard Brooks' family came together on Monday evening (June 15th) to mourn him. The event lasted four hours and about 300-400 people showed up to pay their respects. Cops also stopped by, but left quickly. Family and friends drank, hugged and shared memories of Rayshard. An official funeral date has not been announced as of yet. Meanwhile, the cop who killed Rayshard Brooks has a history of citizens complaints against him. According to CNN, the complaints for Officer Garrett Rolfe go back as far as 2015. 

BREONNA TAYLOR FAMILY'S LEGAL TEAM SAYS COPS AND MAYOR ARE COVER UP THE CASE: According to TMZ, the family of Breonna Taylor says that the details of her murder are being swept under the rug by cops and the mayor. The Taylor family attorneys say that they gave the Louisville Metro Police Department and the City a deadline of last Friday to produce documents pertaining to the case, including an official autopsy report, personnel files for the cops involved in her death, and the Mayor's internal communications about all this too. As of Monday, no one has produced any of the docs and the attorneys say that this is due to an attempt to cover up Taylor's death.  The team writes, "We intend to seek all sanctions available for these blatant and willful violations of CR 45 (a KY subpoena rule). Meanwhile, we present this information so that the public is able to see the lengths that the city will go to in order to withhold the truth and keep Tamika Palmer from learning the facts surrounding her daughter’s murder."

BLACK TEEN FATALLY SHOT AT STOP LIGHT DAYS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION: 18-year-old Na'Kia Crawford was shot and killed days after graduation high school in Akron, Ohio. According to Madameniore, the teen was in a car with her grandmother, waiting at a stoplight on Sunday (June 14th) when she was shot. She sustained multiple injuries but her grandmother was not injured.  Crawford was transported to Akron City Hospital. She died on Monday morning.  According to reports, the suspect is a white male who fled in a black sports car with dark tinted windows. It has been speculated Crawford was targeted because she was Black.