For the September cover of their magazine, Vanity Fair chose a portrait of Breonna Taylor. The portrait was done by artist Amy Sherald. Taylor, an EMT worker was fatally shot by cops back in March. 

Taylor’s mom Tamika Palmer paid tribute to her daught inside the publication, saying, “Breonna wanted to be a nurse. That was her thing. But her very first job she worked was Steak ’n Shake. She was 15 years old and she worked there for a few years all through school.And then she started working with older people herself.”

She continued, “And she liked to drive, like I said before, so she drove this little bus that goes around and gets the older people and takes them places. She drove that for a while. And then she went to do EMT and she did that, but it was a lot. So then she went into the ER and worked as a tech and she absolutely loved it there. And so her goal was just to finish school with being in the ER and be a nurse.”

Taylor added, “If something was going on with you, she’d rather figure out a way to help you than talk about you. She was a hard worker. If she missed work, something was really wrong.She loved being in the hospital, she loved her job, and she loved the people she worked with. Clearly, they loved her. They would always be leaving her little notes about them loving her and loving to work with her. Even when she passed, some of them came to the funeral. ‘We just can’t believe this, we love her so much. We’re just going to miss her.”