Britney Spears has just shared an affectionate Instagram post in which she reveals, “I’m posting this pic because my family is absolutely beautiful and I miss them.” The lead photo on Spears’ post features the cover of Yasmin Mogahed’s self-help book Reclaim Your Heart, followed by a candid picture of her mother Lynne Spears eating alongside her sister Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughters.

“We all have issues with our family but dear God you can’t help how much you love them,” Spears admits. “I’m not in this picture but I sure as hell feel like I am. If you know me, I’ve always ended up at this kids table at every function I’ve ever been to!!! I wanted to share this pic because although I’m not in it … I sure as hell felt as though I was !!!” Spears has been estranged from her family following the dissolution of an abusive conservatorship overseen by her father. (Complex)