In a viral video, Brittany Renner got into it with a male fan during the Rolling Loud concert in Miami this past weekend. Brittany was doing interviews for the event and ended up getting into a heated exchange with a man in the audience. She ended up dousing him with water. In return, the man threw his water at her and that's when Brittany and her crew began throwing things back at him.

In a statement to The Shaderoom, mthe man said that the altercation was a misunderstanding. He said, “I was hyping her up at first while she was twerking as she was walking away I screamed “I love PJ” as a fan of them. So then she proceeded to walk towards me with anger, opened a water bottle about to pour on me and I told her to throw it on me because she is the celebrity here not me. After she threw her water bottle, I proceeded to throw water back.”

The man also revealed that the reason he was yelling “fantastic floors,” and he said that he was just “promoting his business.”

Meanwhile, Brittany reacted to the video, tweeting, “I don’t tolerate disrespect.”