Camila Cabello revealed that her highly anticipated new album, C,XOXO, features two collaborations with Drake. In the new Billboard cover story promoting Cabello’s upcoming record, due out on June 28, the former Fifth Harmony singer shared that Drake is featured on two separate tracks on the album, “Hot Uptown,” and “Uuugly.” Cabello admits that the collaboration was a longshot, and she first contacted Drake through his DMs. “He’s the f*king GOAT, so it felt like shooting for the stars,” Cabello told Billboard. “I showed him the album when I felt comfortable enough and he really liked it. He had this idea of a song called ‘Hot Uptown,’ and it just felt like I was in the city. I was in Miami. Selfishly, I just want to hear Drake on my own album. I love that for me — it’s like that rebellious mood. Who says I can’t do that?” (Billboard)