Growing Up Hip-Hop star Madina Milana took to social media to put her ex R&B singer Case on blast. The singer celebrated 21st anniversary of Case's "Happily Ever After" and while everyone was praising him, Madina had something else in mind. 

She said, “So I just noticed everyone’s commemorating my baby daddy for 21 years for his ‘Happily Ever After’ video with Beyoncé in it, and the ‘Happy Ever After’ album with ‘Touch Me, Tease Me’ and ‘Faded Pictures…’ Why don’t y’all tell that f*ckin’ bum a** to pay his child support? Why don’t you tell him that?"

She continued, "He owes me over $500,000! You know why? Because he’s never paid child support a day in his life! And you know what? I used to send my son out there, and I used to pay for it!" 

She then said, "Let me tell something, I want all mines. I’m coming for all mines. I’m posting paperwork and all that sh*t. I don’t give a f*ck. Don’t hit my line. Don’t do none of that to keep your a** out of jail, aight?!”

The post was later deleted.