During an interview with My Expert Opinion, Ceaser Emanuel responded to reality star Masika Kalysha, who had a lot to say when a video of him abusing a dog went viral.

Cessar said, “I seen motherf*ckas flaming up on me that had no reason to be talkin', yo! Like Masika Kalysha! Yo, bro!… I nearly went HAM on her on social media! She said some crazy sh*t about, 'Oh, y'all finally cut him over a dog but you ain't do nothin' about his daughter.' First of all, who the f*ck is you talkin' about? You don't know none of this situation… You sittin' and commentin', but you the same f*ckin' **** that was attackin' a pregnant woman on Zeus? A whole pregnant woman, you feel me? But you have the moral stature to sit here and say something to me?”

Masika caught wind of Ceaser’s comments about her and she responded, “Imagine beating your naked teenage daughter while she’s in the shower & throwing her out in the cold & getting caught on camera beating tf outta 2 defenseless dogs & getting fired by VH1 for it… but u 38 hot at ME for being 1 of the 50 million ppl that called u out. Why are the girls so mad at what I say only? & if ur Gonna attempt to deflect, at least be right. Homeboy wasn’t pregnant dumb a**. He was just fat.”

As a result of Masika’s response, the two got into a huge back and forth on social media.