Cedric the Entertainer thinks Will Smith deserves a comeback after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars last year, saying that he is a human being that made a human mistake.

During an interview with The Daily Mail, he said, “People are human beings and they make human mistakes. So this idea of canceling people out of their lives and saying they can’t exist anymore or they shouldn’t, I feel that that’s a bridge too far. And it’s usually done in the sense of blind internet power. It is people that have no real attachment to it, just giving an opinion for the moment, and then they jump on the wave and they create this thing that comes rushing at you that makes you look like the worst human being in the world. When it was a one mistake, it was a mistake.”

He continued, “For me, I think the idea of canceling people for any kind of act, if it’s not doing something to children, or a woman as a man, then again, if you’re just, create an act, drunk driving or adultery, all these things that people want to cancel folks for; I feel like, again, we just don’t allow ourselves enough opportunity to be human.”