Chris Brown has seemingly fired back at claims that he doesn't let Black women in VIP following a club hosting.

This past weekend, a woman shared a video on social media, claiming that they were turned away from VIP at a club Breezy had a hosting at in London.

One woman said in the video, “We were supposed to go see Chris Brown. We got there and there were thousands of girls lined up there. Like, thousands of girls. And they're not getting in. We were supposed to be on the VIP guest list.”

One of the woman's friends then said, “They told us ‘No Black girls allowed.' You’re handpicking these White women.”

CB responded on Instagram, posting a photo of himself in a VIP section surrounded by Black women. He captioned the picture, “STOP IT. I have Black queens all around me. THOP REACHING.”

The woman then clarified that her rant was directed towards the venue. In her video, she said, “That video had absolutely nothing to do with Chris Brown. The only reason why his name was mentioned was because we were going to a club where he was hosting at.”

Brown reposted the video and captioned it, “CRAZY that I have to have receipts. LOVE OUTWEIGHS THE HATE OVER HERE!”