In an interview with Self, Ciara revealed how she and husband Russell Wilson keep their relationship strong. She explained, “We do have to put ourselves first as husband and wife, and that’s a hard thing to really understand, I think, especially for women, moms. We love our babies so much. But we got to make sure our love is feeling good too, our husbands are feeling good too.”

On how her and her family handled the pandemic, she said, “It was just not being able to do things to really, truly free your mind. That was just, by far, the greatest challenge of it all because it was like these four walls. What do I do?. Thank God, with Russ and I, we held on up. We did alright. We still have the same level of love for each other. If anything, it makes you have even more because you literally are going in circles, the same thing over and over, but figuring it out.”