Two female music trailblazers from past generations have come out with statements of support  for another groundbreaking female artist, Taylor Swift. Both Cyndi Lauper and the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde have recently praised Swift’s musical talents. While her band was on the road in Europe this month, Hynde saw The Eras Tour, and she was blown away by the performance. “I saw Taylor Swift (you may have heard of her) in concert the other day,” Hynde wrote on Instagram. “Just shows you what a girl with a guitar can do. Last time I loved a show that much was Aldous Harding.”

Lauper said this about Swift in a recent BBC interview,  “Look, I like her. I think she’s terrific. As an artist, she writes some wonderful songs.” Lauper was initially won over by Folklore. “I first started listening during the pandemic,” she revealed. “When she went and hibernated and did that wonderful folk record. It was wonderful. I’m proud of her.” (Consequence of Sound)