Daniel Caesar is still under fire following controversial comments he made on Instagram Live, where he defended personality YesJulz — who has been accused of being a culture vulture. Caesar also questioned why we are “being so mean to White people right now?”

In a mini Twitter rant, the singer wrote on Thursday (March 21st), “Y’all want me to hate myself so bad that’s why you keep telling me how ugly and stupid I am but tbh I’ve never thought more highly of myself lmao. But I’m coming to understand this is a losing battle not worth fighting, also I can’t be 100% sure but I feel like 60% of you are bots cuz I be seeing some of the dumbest sh*t said on here. So I’m gunna shut up from on but I DO NOT APOLOGIZE. Cuz you guys didn’t convince me.”

He added, “Screenshot these tweets cuz my publicist is gunna make me delete soon and she’s a strong black woman so I’m gunna listen to her tbh.”