DaniLeigh was reportedly arrested yesterday morning (May 30th) in Miami after a DUI hit and run. According to TMZ, the singer, real name Danielle Leigh Curiel, was taken into custody at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center near Miami International Airport after allegedly trying to flee the scene of the crash.

Arrest records show that DaniLeigh was booked on three felony charges including, leaving the scene of a crash involving serious bodily injury, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and injuring a person while driving under the influence.

According to the police report, obtained by Daily Mail, DaniLeigh was allegedly speeding and swerving in Mami Beach before striking a motorist on a moped.

Officers administered a breathalyzer test after detecting the smell alcohol during the stop which showed she had a BAC 0f 0.148 – almost twice the legal limit.

The victim was taken to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, including a kidney laceration and a spinal fracture.

DaniLeigh has since been released on $9,500 bond.