DaniLeigh opened up about her infamous Instagram altercation with ex DaBaby. During an interview with Angie Martinez, DaniLeigh opened up about her relationship with the rapper, saying, “Me and Baby had been together for about like, three years on and off. It was toxic. You know, we had our really good times.. We were in love in the beginning…. Of course he would have his little mess-ups and stuff. We would break up for a month and then get back together… We broke up a lot. There was a lot of on and offs going on. But during that time, I definitely wasn’t his side piece.”

DaniLeigh said that she regrets that the argument was so public, saying, “It was very triggering, and very sad. I wish it didn’t happen because I don’t want my baby to see that later on in life. But she’ll grow to be her own person and to be able to take things in.”

She added, “I feel like I really did love him so much that I was just giving it all to him … I didn’t even focus on my career.”

When asked if DaBaby apologized, shes said, “No, he’s just like that though. You’ve seen his interview, He said does he regret anything and he said, ‘no.'”

When asked how she will explain the video to her daughter when she’s older, she said, “It depends on the type of person she grows up to be. The only responsibility I have is to raise her to be a strong woman and she’ll feel how she feels. She’s her own person.”

When asked if she would do anything differently, she replied, “Yeah, I think the first time he showed me, or cheated on me… I would’ve left him.”


DaBaby and his baby mama MeMe responded to DaniLeigh's interview. DaBaby said, “First of all, I feel like you waited too late. I told you back in December you should capitalize off of the situation so, I feel like that's a bad move. I also feel like it's a green move for your label to have you drop the interview the same time you dropping the new song. I feel like y'all kinda showin' y'all hand. I feel like y'all shoulda put that together better.”

He added that he and DaniLeigh were “getting busy” prior to a fight with her brother Brandon Bills. He added, “And I also feel like you should tell folks the real reason why I put you out. It's 'cause you was stalkin' my baby mama,” adding that it was interfering with his relationship with his daughter.

He continued, “And that's why I had to make the adjustments back in November. I'm grown, I'm an adult. I don't gotta coexist with nobody who too toxic and who don't serve me well, you know what I'm saying? So, I don't owe the world no explanation for that but even when I coulda cleared my name, I took the high road.”

Meanwhile, MeMe posted on her Instagram Stories, “Side chick tried to turn main chick, while throwing rocks and hiding ya hand…And now looking for sympathy from the world. FOH, my silence done saved a lot of face. Feel how y'all wanna feel but ain't another person gone holla bout 'holding Meme accountable.' I be quiet but y'all still find some way to tear down my character.”

She continued, “Ain't never been bitter or mad and funny thing is I was being attacked for a year and some change. but ain't never look to play victim… I sat my a** back and let everything unfold. Karma just a b*tch but we already knew that.”