Dave Chappelle returned to Saturday Night Live after it was announced that Joe Biden was the president-elect. During his monologue, Chappelle talked about Trump, COVID-19 and more. He said, “I would implore everybody who's celebrating today to remember it's good to be a humble winner. Remember when I was here four years ago? Remember how bad that felt? Remember that half the country right now still feels that way. Please remember that.”

He continued, “Remember that for the first time in the history of America, the life expectancy of white people is dropping, because of heroin, because of suicide. All these white people out there that feel that anguish, that pain, they're mad because they think nobody cares? Maybe they don't. But lemme tell you something. I know how that feels. I promise you, I know how that feels.”

On COVID, he said, “Remember life before COVID? I do. A mass shooting every week. Thank God for COVID. Something had to lock these murderous whites up and keep them in the house.”

On Trump's response to COVID-19, he said, “What kind of man makes sure he is OK while his friends fight for their lives and die? A white man. I don't mean to put this on all the whites, but I've been Black a long time: I've noticed a pattern.”

Dave Chappelle says it’s good to be a humble winner :

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