DC Young Fly took to Instagram to pay tribute to his longtime girlfriend Jacky Oh, who passed away on May 31st. She was 32.

He posted a photo of he and Jacky, along with the caption, “I wasn’t in no rush to post this because I wanted it to be a dream so bad. But every hour I’m reminded of realty so I wanna make sure I applaud you in the proper manner. 😢You are the GREATEST MOTHER I KNOW your soul was beautiful Yu always wanted the best for others and I admired how our family love each other!!!”

He went on to say that Jacky was a “God-fearing woman” and said despite the tragedy he won’t question God.

He continued, “You kno we GOD fearing and we are grounded by the spirit🙏🏾🙏🏾 we never question the HIGHER POWER,” he wrote. “🙅🏾‍♂️we roll wit the punches and continue to live righteous 💪🏾 will always tell our kids how much an amazing person you were especially a GREAT MOTHER!!!”

He added, “You know how our last convo went 🥺 I prayed for Yu and now we are here.. but it’s ok we willll continue to pray and hold on to our FAITH because that’s alll we kno!!

He also applauded their “super strong” children for helping him cope. He said, “The QUEEN of my children will always have a spot in my heart and the paradise 😫(Yu gon get me for Dat🥲 but it’s true) LOVE YOU FOREVER jus know we goinn harder than ever and GOD is in control and he got us covered 🙏🏾🙏🏾”