Did Mike Tyson push Naomi Campbell out of a moving car back in the day? Naomi caught up with Chris Rock on her YouTube Channel earlier this week, and they talked about how they met. Chris Rock said, “We did hang out – me, you, Mike… I remember, I think Mike pushed you out of a moving car one night.”

Naomi replied, “He did? Are you sure it wasn’t me that pushed him? That’s if I even got in the car with him. He wasn’t the best driver.”

Chris then said, “I think you gave somebody your number, he lost his head. That’s odd, right?”

Naomi replied, “It’s a good thing we’re all grown ups today, and we’re family, and I actually can’t wait for his fight next month. I’m so looking forward to seeing it.” She added, “Those were fun times in New York … can never go back to those.”

Chris said that he met Naomi at  Coffee Shop in Union Square in New York City before she was a supermodel. He explained, “We were all lusting for you. You were a supermodel to us, even then.”