During the February 23rd premiere of his new ESPN documentary Life, Unexpected, Dwyane Wade opened up about his wife Gabrielle Union's fertility struggles and his fear of losing her after she suffered several miscarriages.

He said, “I’m watching my wife go through a lot physically. You’re sitting in with the doctors and they’re like, ‘You can do this and that, but the risk of you surviving.’ — It became a point where I was like, ‘Oh wait, now I might lose you in this process.'” When the process took a risky turn, Dwyane realized, “There’s not only one way to have your family.” That’s when he and Gabrielle decided to take a different path to expand their family.

He said,”We started having conversations and we were like, ‘What are the other options — and the other became surrogacy.'” Gabrielle then chimed in, “My immediate thing was, even if I go through with a surrogate was, I don’t get to be a ‘real mom.’ It just took a long time to just be like, ‘Let’s go for it, let’s try."”

Gabrielle continued, “When Dwyane and I started trying, we were so excited. So there were a ton of pregnancies and positive test results, and then poof. Usually around the 6-8 week mark — gone. Obviously, I knew it was not him and it literally just stayed like that for years. I just almost started expecting defeat.”

Wade and Union finally welcomed a baby girl Kaavia James Wade via surrogate on November 7, 2018.