Lots of colorful, flamboyant clothing from legendary singer Elton John’s wardrobe are now available for purchase on eBay. The sale is part of an ongoing auction that is benefiting Sir Elton’s AIDS Foundation. The “Rocket Man Resale” went live on eBay‘s website on Thursday, and it features hundreds of personal items from John’s actual closet, including bespoke clothing, luxury labels, and customized items made for Elton himself, along with historic concert T-shirts from Elton’s past tours.

“Giving new life to the cherished items from my wardrobe has always been special to me. For decades I’ve donated my closet’s treasures to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation,” John said in a statement. “This Pride Month, I’m excited to share my Atlanta treasure trove on eBay, hoping these items will inspire you to express your unique spirit and bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me. Even better, every dollar goes to supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s work to end LGBTQ+ stigma.” (Variety)