Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille has clapped back at co-star NeNe Leakes, who recently said that Eva was too boring to be on the show. She told Entertainment Tonight, "I don’t feel like Eva brings that much to the cast. I’m just being honest. It’s really like, when you look at a show like, everybody — like the whole cast — is away, and you don’t miss the person at all, it’s sort of like, we didn’t even know you were here, you know? And all season, doing a lot of scenes from FaceTime, that’s been the last couple of seasons … So, If I had to change, I would change her.”

While on the radio yesterday morning (April 2nd), Eva responded to NeNe, saying, “First and foremost, I was not in Greece because I was pregnant. Now, NeNe, who’s 55, doesn’t remember maybe being pregnant because 20 years ago for her. But I’m a 35-year-old woman with my family, beautiful husband and I’m continuing to make a family. As far as my relevance on the show, I choose not to—every single day- to be ratchet. There’s already enough ratchet, i.e. her, on the show. Why do you need two?"

She continued, "I do me and represent the other part of Black women that are smart, astute, that are well-spoken and that’s who I represent. So, if I’m that boring, you spent time in your interview talking about me because your story line is the fact that you have no storyline."

She added, "If I do remember correctly, even though I was not in Greece, I was on FaceTime and I still got a check unlike you who missed seven episodes this entire season. This reunion is going to be lit. Glue your wig all the way down sweetheart because it’s going down."

On being labeled as boring, Eva said, "I choose not to be ratchet. I choose to be a lady but since I’m a lady, I’m boring. I’m sorry that’s just the way I was raised.  I didn’t grow up, I was raised by people that love me. So, we gon leave it there…"

Eva Marcille claps back at NeNe Leakes :