Evelyn Lozada took to Instagram to defend her ex-fiance Carl Crawford, who was recently arrested for domestic violence. Crawford was accused of choking his ex-girlfriend, who has a one-year-old child with him. Evelyn — who has a six-year-old son with Carl, has said that he has never physically abused her. 

She explained that she wasn't going to comment but she feels like people are associating her with the story. She said, "I see stories popping up of people trying to change my story and my narrative. I’ve heard reporters saying, ‘Can we get a comment from her? Didn’t she say that Carl did the same to her?' And I refuse to sit here and allow the world or anybody to change my story and my truth. So that’s why I’m putting this video together."

She continued, saying that she is not trying to discredit the alleged victim's story because she "knows what that feels like." She said, "I have to protect my son. I never want my son to see, ‘Oh well, mom and dad…I see a story that he did this to her.’ No he did not. Carl has never put his hands on me. Carl has never intimidated me. Carl has never called me b*tches and h*es and ever stood over me trying to intimidate me. Yeah, we broke up for other reasons. But it wasn’t for that."

She then urged anyone who is dealing with domestic violence to go to EvelynLozada.org.

She went on, "I’m here for you. But I just really, really felt like I needed to address this. I didn’t want this to snowball into something that isn’t true. I’m just speaking from my heart. I’m just speaking about my truth in connection to my son’s father. We are cool to this day and all I care about is that we co-parent our son and that he’s able to co-parent with the mother of his children. Really, at the end of the day, that’s what’s important here.”