K. Michelle sent out a few disturbing tweets this past weekend that had her fans worried. She tweeted,” I got a girl in dm black mailing me 4 money telling me my husband I stalking 2 her, my grandma just had a stroke, I got people trying 2 stop my career, I have people making fun of my surgery & health, I have a random dude I never slept with lying on me. I just can’t do it anymore.”

She continued, “I’m tired of always just being messed with and lied on. No matter how hard I try, people still manage to find a way to find something wrong with me or a way to gain clout. I’m over it. Yeah. I’m strong but I’m tired. I just don’t wanna be here no more.”

She added, “I have constant hate mail no matter how hard I try to help my community. I have people showing up at my home to get video footage of me I don’t know. Soon as I say and feel happy, all hell breaks loose. I try so hard to remain peaceful, it’s like the universe just won’t let me be. I really just wanna be left alone. I’m over it.”

She later deleted the tweets.