Normani is being dragged on social media for collaborating with Chris Brown in his new video for “WE (Warm Embrace).” When Normani shared a snippet of the video, one person commented, “Girl WTF????,” with another person adding, “but??? im so confused.”

Other social media users urged the singer to “DETE” the post, with another adding, “We were all rooting for you💔.”

Other comments included: “why would u link up with a ‘man’ like him?,” “could’ve worked with anyone else but someone with multiple abuse allegations,” “I can’t believe we’re still working with him 😢” and “NOO NOT THE ABUSER.”

Normani has always shown support for Brown, often proclaiming that she was #TeamBreezy and once saying in an interview, “I love him & his personal life has nothing to do with how talented he is.”

Normani nor Chris Brown has addressed the comments.