Public Enemy rap legend Flavor Flav is doing all he can to help save one of his favorite restaurants, Red Lobster, from impending bankruptcy proceedings. Flav has just starred in a new commercial for the beleaguered seafood chain restaurant in order to help promote their upcoming Crabfest sale. “When the Internet said Red Lobster’s going away, your boy Flavor Flav said not today!” says Flav’s voiceover in the advertisement.

Flav has also ordered Red Lobster’s entire menu twice during the last few weeks, trying to bring attention to the current financial struggles of the brand, while also keeping afloat the individual locations he regularly frequents on his travels. “This is what happens when a brand takes advantage of an opportunity in the right way,!!! Power of community,” Flavor Flav wrote on X in response to his Red Lobster commercial collaboration. “We all here to help.” (Consequence of Sound)