A Florida conservative who is currently running for a seat in Congress has gone viral after tweeting that Beyonce isn't really Black and is faking her involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement. KW Miller wrote, “Beyoncè is not even African American. She is faking this for exposure. Her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. She is Italian.” He added, “This is all part of the Soros Deep State agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement. BEYONCÈ YOU ARE ON NOTICE!”

Miller added that the music icon's hit “Formation” has secret coded language and claimed that the song proves she is demonic and that she “worshipped in the Satanist churches located in Alabama & Louisiana.” He added that the Black Lives Matter movement is terrorizing the country.

Oh — and Beyonce's “Becky reference from her song “Sorry?” Miller claims that the woman Bey is referencing is a woman named Becky Hogge whoi is a “Sonos operative.”

Meanwhile, Miller also threw Patti Labelle into his claims. saying that she is a member of the illuminati and referenced the lyrics to her 1991 “Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)” where she sings: “I’m under your spell. I don’t want to break free. You can make a slave out of me. I worship you and nobody else. I pledge my love to you forever.”

He said that Patti is a “deep state operative” and that she allegedly plans to reinstate Barack Obama as president.