Floyd Mayweather's longtime assistant Markikit "Kitchie" Laurico has passed away. She was 47. Kitchie's death was confirmed via Instagram by her parents and siblings, who said, “On March 31, 2023, our brilliant star Kitchie abandoned the physical garment…the angels of Thy loving-kindness descended successively upon her and have ascended her to the spiritual world…We are grateful for your patience and honoring our privacy…With humility, The siblings and parents of Kitchie Laurico.”

Reports say that Kitchie met Mayweather over a decade ago and was hired as the TMT marketing manager. It wasn't before long before Kitchie was managing all aspects of Mayweather's life.

Mayweather's daughter YaYa Mayweather posted on IG about Kitchie, “This doesn’t feel real… my heart is so heavy. You were more than just my dad’s assistant you were family. You were the definition of someone with a good heart, you always lifted people up and made them feel good about themselves. Kj loved watching 'sharkie' with you. There’s no one like you will truly be missed, love you forever. Rip Kitchie."

There are several unconfirmed reports are saying that Kitchie fell ill after recently returning from Dubai and died on the way to the hospital. Other reports say that Kitchie passed away from a heart attack.