Reports say that Frank Ocean suffered an ankle injury after being involved in a bike accident on the Coachella grounds just days before he was schedule to perform — which forced a changed to his production. According to TMZ, sources say that the accident occured when Frank was at Coachella rehearsing his set. At the time, he wasn't on stage but the accident involved bikes used to roam around the Empire Polo Club grounds. And sources say it was serious enough for doctors to advise Frank's production be changed.

One of the major changes involved the use of an ice rink, which was built for Frank's set. Another source said that a casting director reached out to a few L.A.-based hockey teams in March for an unspecified paid performance. Once the skaters got to the audition, they saw Frank in attendance.

The source said that it became clear during the audition that it was for Frank's Coachella set — and over 100 hockey players were cast. They rehearsed on an elevated ice rink at Paramount Studios, and attended the dress rehearsal in Coachella a week before the performance.

When the cast arrived at Coachella, they were told the skating routine wouldn't be used for the performance. Instead, they joined Frank on stage as background dancers.