Benjamin Crump, the attorney who represents George Floyd's family, spoke to TMZ yesterday and revealed that the family is outraged that Derek Chauvin, the man who was seen on tape strangling 46-year-old George Floyd with his knee, and the four officers that were with him during the incident hasn't been arrested yet.

Crump said that the family were optimistic that federal and state prosecutors would announce the filing of criminal charges against the four officers but after two hours of waiting before a press conference yesterday (May 28th), authorities did not announce an arrest.

Crump said that the video of Chauvin slowly torturing and killing Floyd while he was handcuffed and not resisting, is more than enough evidence for an arrest. 

Crump also revealed that although the family isn't condoning the violence going on in Minneapolis, they are not condemning them — and added that the mother of Eric Garner called the family and said that she wished protesters would have been more disruptive in her son's case, maybe then she would have gotten "a measure of justice she was seeking."

Benjamin Crump says George Floyd’s family is outraged that Derek Chauvin hasn’t been arrested yet :