The Georgia cop that beat up a black Lyft passenger has been fired. According to TMZ, Roderick Walker, his cousin and a third passenger were passengers in a Lyft that was pulled over in Clayton County, apparently because the tail light was out. Other reports say that it was actually his girlfriend and their children in the car. Deputies asked the man for his license but he didn't have one. The deputy then asked to see all of the passengers' licenses. The passengers then asked the officers why they had to show ID since they didn't do anything wrong.

According to ABC 11, Walker's attorney Shean Williams said, “They became upset when he asked, ‘Why are you asking for my ID? I’m not driving and I haven’t done anything wrong.'”

The officer demanded Walker get out of the car. According to the viral video, you can see Walker on the ground with two deputies on top of him. At one point, you see a deputy punch the man repeatedly in the face, drawing blood. You also hear a woman screaming for the cops to stop punching and the deputy responds, “He’s biting my hand.”

The deputy is pressing Walker's head on the pavement and you can hear him screaming, “I’m gonna die!” and “I can’t breathe.”

In a statement, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office has since has been terminated. The statement read, “The Deputy who repeatedly struck Roderick Walker is being terminated from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office by order of Sheriff Victor Hill for excessive use of force.