A woman named Slim Danger — who happens to be the baby mama of rapper Chief Keef, has claimed that NBA star Odell Beckham, Jr. likes to be defecated on.  During an appearance on the No Jumper podcast with Celina Powell and her friend Aliza, Slim said, "He loves to be sh*tted on." She continued, "He wanted me to come on a plane and he was like, 'Make sure you don't have any underwear, don't take a shower for twenty-four hours.' I'm like, damn, what the f*ck are you on?"

She added, "This is how I got flown out. He was like, 'Take a picture of you sh*tting.' I was like, alright, f*ck, I can do that. I took a whole video, b*tch! What you want? I sent it and, in maybe two hours, I was in Houston."

Odell responded on Instagram, saying, "Can't knock me off my pivot. No matter what sh*ts thrown my way."

Chief Keef’s baby mama says Odell Beckham likes to be defecated on :