AMANDA SEALES BREAKS DOWN AFTER WATCHING AHMAUD ARBERY'S MURDER: Last week, The Real co-host Amanda Seales broke down on camera after watching the viral video of the cold-blooder murder of 25-year Ahmaud Arbery. Seales said, “I’m not good. By the time this airs, I hope that something has been done. I just saw the video of the 25-year-old man, Ahmaud Arbery, in Georgia. And they have video of him being gunned down by these two white men with guns that felt he was running in their neighborhood, and they needed to go take him out. And they have video of it!" She added, "They have video of them taking this young man’s life! And he’s literally just jogging through the neighborhood! And they cut him off with their truck, and he’s running, and they shoot him in his stomach! And he’s trying to keep running, and he falls to the ground.” Amanda continued, “…I sit here everyday on this show and I go in our comments, and I see people say, ‘Why does she always talk about race? Why do we always talk about Black people?…Why 
can’t we just sit up here and have a good time?’ Because things like this are actually happening! I feel crazy! . . . I just saw the most horrific thing I may have ever seen in my life!”

KARLIE REDD'S EX ARKANSAS MO ARRESTED ON FEDERAL BANK FRAUD CHARGES: According to Page Six, former Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Maurice "Mo" Fayne was arrested after allegedly taking $2 million of the government's emergency coronavirus money meant for small businesses and spent it on a Rolex, a Rolls Royce and more. Fayne appeared in court yesterday (May 13th) in Georgia on federal bank fraud charges. Fayne applied for a payment protection program loan for a corporation called Flame Trucking on April 15th, saying he needed the money to pay employees and for other business expenses. Instead of doing just that, he allegedly spent most of the $2,045,800 on himself, buying $85,000 in jewelry — including a Rolex Presidential watch, a diamond bracelet, a 5.73 carat diamond ring. He also spent $40,000 for child support. 




BREONNA TAYLOR'S FAMILY FILES WRONGFUL DEATH SUIT AGAINST LOUISVILLE METRO POLICE DEPARTMENT: The family of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old black EMT worker who was killed after cops raided her apartment, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Louisville Metro Police Department. Taylor was shot eight times by members of the LMPD after they broke into the apartment at around 1 am. Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker fired shots, injuring an officer, who has since recovered.  Walker, a registered gun owner, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.  In the suit obtained by The Washington Post and filed on April 27, Taylor’s family claims officers stormed the wrong apartment, when the man they were searching for was detained prior to their raid. The suit also states that police fired 20 rounds of ammunition into Taylor’s home. The family want to bring forth charges of battery, wrongful death, excessive force, and negligence and gross negligence. They are asking for both compensatory and punitive damages. Breonna's mom Tamika Palmer said in an interview with The Post, “Not one person has talked to me. Not one person has explained anything to me. I want justice for her. I want them to say her name. There’s no reason Breonna should be dead at all.”