DAVE CHAPPELLE OPENS FOR CHRIS ROCK AND KEVIN HART: Dave Chappelle shocked the crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday night (July 23rd) when he opened for Chris Rock and Kevin Hart at their Headliners Only tour. Chappelle told the crowd, “Had to sneak my way in here.” He added, “Despite what you may have read about in the news, I’m okay, and I appreciate the support.” Chappelle spoke for more than 20 minutes, and spoke on Hollywood Bowl incident where 23-year-old Isaiah Lee jumped onstage and tackled him Chappelle said he hopes Lee gets monkeypox, saying, “Not that he should die, but his a** should itch for four to six weeks.”

PRINCESS LOVE IS MOVING FORWARD WITH RAY J DIVORCE: Princess Love has decided to move forward with her divorce from Ray J. According to Radaronline, Princess is asking for the court to set a trial date for the divorce. She also wants to work out matters like “visitation, child custody, child support, spousal support, division of property, and attorney fees.” Princess and Ray J married in August of 2016.

NENE LEAKES TO WRITE A BOOK THAT WILL ADDRESS DISCRIMINATION SUIT AGAINST BRAVO: NeNe Leakes has revealed that she plans to wrie a tell all that will address her allegations against Bravo and Andy Cohen. She wrote on Instagram, “Working on a book now.” She continued, “The book I have been writing for the past year is gonna be a MUST READ! I just can’t wait to share it.” She added, “receipts.”

MONIQUE SAMUELS ON IF SHE WAS EDITED FAIRLY ON 'LOVE & MARRIAGE DC': Monique Samuels has revealed whether she felt that she was edited fairly. She told The Jasmine Brand, “Absolutely not. But I get it. Somebody had to keep the show going. Me coming in as a veteran of reality tv, at this point, I get it. I do feel like a lot of my context was removed from the entire show. Every time there was a situation, you saw everybody else’s reactions towards it. You rarely saw mine which I feel like would have gave a lot more clarity to the situation, but I get it.” She continued, “It’s because Carlos (King) is also trying to establish new faces to tv on a new franchise. So he’s trying to make sure that everybody else has their voice. It was almost like let’s pull the viewers in who have seen Monique on Potomac, and the whole promo was all about getting to know the real whole me you know come over here, that was the bait. Once you watch the show, it’s like, oh by the way look at everybody else he re’s who we have to offer you already know monique here’s everybody else so I get it.”