DWAYNE WADE REVEALS WHAT MAKES HIM PROUD ABOUT BEING MARRIED TO GABRIELLE UNION: In an interview with People, Dwayne Wade revealed what makes him proudest about being married to Gabrielle Union. He said, “She is her own boss and has her own career, her own bank account and all that. That she has her own life and she allows me to live my life and be me, and she doesn’t try to stop my growth or change who I am.” He continued, “We both work very hard for our families and we love that about each other. We love that we grind, we go for it, we work, but we still find time for our family and find time to spend time together and love each other.”

'EMPIRE' STAR SERAYAH MCNEIL WEIGHS IN ON ZAYA WADE CONVERSATION: Empire star Serayah McNeil has weighed in on the cricitism that Dwayne Wade has faced after revealing that his 12-year-old son Zion now identifies as a female named Zaya. She said that she thinks the criticism has more to do with Zaya's age. She explained, “I think people are feeling this is more about the age of the child. It’s not only his kid, there are plenty of kids and their parents are letting them do this. I think that everything is just a little bit too premature. I don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl, for me, there’s other things we need to be worried about at this time. What do you want to do in your life? Do you want to be in any activities? Let’s let you get through this. Let’s not jump to a life-changing decision that will never be undone. That’s serious.” She continued, “I’m only speaking because there are plenty of people in middle school and high school that experiment, do all these things and then Boom! ‘I thought they was…’ No, that was something that they were going through. They were a child. Your brain is still developing. I’m accepting of my child being gay. That’s okay. But there’s so many other things around that in society right now that is pressuring children and parents to be a certain way. And let’s just take back the reins, ok? It’s okay but, right now we’re just not going to go there right now. Let’s wait until you get a little bit older and make sure this is exactly what you want to be and do for the rest of your life. “

BLACK INK CREW'S RYAN HENRY REACTS TO EDDY CURRY'S ESSAY ABOUT HIS LATE SISTER: Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Ryan Henry took to social media to call out the “insensitivity of people” after the release of former NBA player Eddy Curry. Curry penned an essay about the 2009 murder of his girlfriend Nova Henry and their 10 month old daughter Ava. Henry is Ryan's sister. Henry was killed by her attorney, Frederick Goings, whom she was also alleged to be seeing. Curry revealed in his essay that he was seeing Henry while married to his current wife Patrice Curry. People took to social media to paint Henry as a mistress but people who knew her personally say otherwise. Henry posted a picture of his sister, along with the caption,”The noisy outside world’s misinformed disrespect does not overshadow what BEAUTY IS…. and how much you Use YOU and myself to help other WOMEN in all kinds of situations. Be peaceful.” He later clarified that the post was not about Curry, saying, “The purpose of this post was not about anyone involved from articled words. It was about the insensitivity of people in reaction to it to slander a woman about a not fully understood and misrepresented perception of her to say she deserved to die.”

DEELISHIS ASKS SOCIAL MEDIA IF SHE HAS HERPES: Yesterday (February 19th) Deelishis took to social media to ask people if the cold sore she has on her nose is Herpes and is it contagious. Deelishis said that her girlfriends and boyfriend Raymond Santana said that she doesn't have herpes but her grandmother told her that she did years ago.

Deelishis wants to know if she has herpes :

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