DWAYNE WADE SAYS HE APPRECIATES MIKE TYSON CONFRONTING BOOSIE OVER ZAYA WADE COMMENTS: During an interview with Central Ave TV, Dwayne Wade reacted to Mike Tyson checking Boosie over his comments about Wade's trans daughter Zaya Wade. Wade said, “Mike is someone who is never tried to be perfect. He is someone who has learned from his journey of life. He is one of those people that is so smart and so educated and knowledgeable about life and for him to be able to drop that nugget on the world, to me that was great to hear him say that.” He continued, “I understand that everyone has their own journey to accepting things. I’ve never came out and said anything to anybody that feels a certain way about me or someone else in my family because they know us and they don’t know Zaya.”

JEEZY SAYS HE HAD A CONVERSATION ABOUT JEANNIE MAI'S 'DARK MEAT' COMMENTS: In a radio interview last week, Jeezy revealed that he and his fiance Jeannie Mai had a conversation about her “dark meat” comments she made on The Real back in 2014. Jeannie said,”I loved Black guys. For me, dark meat on the side; white keeps me mean and lean. You know? That’s why I married a white man. That’s what I like.” Jeezy said, “I’m a tell y’all how real she is. Before we even started dating we had that conversation. When we really talked, she sat me down, she said ‘Listen, it was something that I said and it might’ve gotten taken out of context. I want you to listen to it in its entirety.’ And I did.” He added, “I know her people, I know her family. I ain’t never felt no sense of racism. She comes from The Bay… She knows E-40 better than me.”

LENA WAITHE'S WIFE OFFICIALLY FILES FOR DIVORCE: Lena Waithe's wife Alana Mayo has field for divorce after one year of marriage. The two announced their split back in January — after only getting married two months prior.

TYLER PERRY DONATES 5,000 MEALS TO ATLANTA FAMILIES IN NEED: According to People, Tyler Perry donated 5,000 meals to Atlanta familes in need yesterday (November 22nd) at his Atlanta studio. The event, called TPS Giving, went on for four hours, with Perry giving out food boxes and gift cards for Kroger supermarket. A source close to Perry said, “Tyler was heartbroken seeing people all over the country stand in line for food so he decided he wanted to give back to his community in Atlanta. Hopefully this encourages others who are able to, to give back during the holiday season in a year that has been difficult for many.”