DWYANE WADE ON SUPPORTING HIS SON ATTENDING THE GAY PRIDE PARADE: Dwyane Wade and his family supported his son, Zion, at the Gay Pride Parade in Miami back in April. According to The Jasmine Brand, Wade spoke on why he feels family support is so important. He explained, “I don’t really talk about it much because it’s Zion’s story to tell. I think as a family, we should support each other. That’s our job. And my job as a father is to facilitate their lives and to support them and be behind them in whatever they want to do.” The former NBA player continued, “This is my job as a father. I’m very uneasy about accolades that come from supporting my kids or the negativity that comes from it. I’m doing what every parent has to do. Once you bring kids into this world, you become unselfish. It’s my job to be their role model, to be their voice in my kids’ lives, to let them know you can conquer the world. So, go and be your amazing self and we’re going to sit back and just love you.”

DIJMON HOUNSOU WANTS TO SEE HIS SON: Actor Dijmon Hounsou, who shares a son with Kimora Lee Simmons, says he can’t remember the last time he saw his son. According to The Daily Mail, when asked by paparazzi how his Father’s Day went, he replied, “It would have been nice to see my son for father's day. It would have also been nice, if I couldn't see him, to at least talk to him, right? Like all fathers, right?” When asked about the last time he saw his son, Hounsou said, “I can't even recall myself, how about that?”