‘BASKETBALL WIVES’ STAR EVELYN LOZADA FILES LAWSUIT AGAINST OG CHIJINDU: According to TMZ, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada has filed for a restraining against her costar OG Chijindu. Evelyn filed legal documents seeking the temporary order in light of their recent feud, which stemmed from racial insults. A judge denied the restraining order, saying that the matter is more appropriately handled throughout the lawsuit that Lozada already filed against OG. 

OPRAH WINFREY SAYS SHE DIDN’T THINK SHE’D LIVE PAST 56: Oprah Winfrey has revealed why she didn’t think she would live past age 56. She told People magazine, “I used to have this dream that I was going to be dead at 56, so the year that I turned 56 I was filled with dread. I had only told one other person that I had a number in my head when I was going to die, and that was Gayle [King, her best friend]. Gayle said, ‘What’s the number?’ I said, ‘I’m not going to tell you, because you will drive me crazy and then I will end up dead.’” Oprah continued, “When I got to 57, it was like, ‘Why did all my life I think it was going to be 56?' At the time I started having this vision of 56, it was when I was in Milwaukee and I was trapped in a world where I could see how dire it was.” She added, “When I was in Milwaukee, I was trapped in a world where I could see how dire it was. Had I not gotten out of Milwaukee, nothing would have been the same. I do believe I would have been dead at 56. I believe I would have been 437 lbs. I believe I would have had diabetes. I would have had high blood pressure. I would have suffocated knowing that things could have been different.”